Italian International Futsal Tournament, It is official!


Automotive F.C will be participating in the “Memorial Alessandro Giglioli,” a prestigious International Futsal Tournament on the 8th and 9th of September in Italy.

The Invitational high-level Futsal tournament will be held in Poggibonsi, a town in the province of Siena.

It is one of the classic Tuscan dream places, rich in culture, art and tradition.


The tournament is organized and hosted by Piccini Wines Poggibonsese, a Team that is about to play for the 15th year in a row the National Serie B Italian Futsal League. The Club is one of the oldest Tuscan Futsal Team and its youth academy is considered to be one of the best in the region.


The Six teams participating are:


- Piccini Wines Poggibonsese – Italy

  (National Serie B)

 - Atlante Grosseto - Italy                                   

  (National Serie A2)

 - Futsal Pistoia – Italy                                       

  (Newly promoted, National Serie A2)

 - Mattagnanese BSL – Italy         

  (Newly promoted, National Serie B)

 - USJ Furiani – France               

  (National French Division 2)

 - Automotive F.C – Zambia                                             

  (ZFL, Zambian Futsal League Champions)


This will be another great opportunity for our Zambian Boys to gain International experience playing with teams of different levels and styles of Futsal.

Now is time to work hard during the pre-season session to be prepared in the best way possible for this exiting Italian Tour.


Good Luck boys



A panoramic view of Poggibonsi.