Inter Movistar Affiliation

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Automotive Futsal Academy is very proud to have signed an historic collaboration agreement with the Spanish Futsal Team Movistar Inter.

Inter Movistar Fútbol Sala is the most victorious futsal club in the world, founded in 1977  is currently ranked as the Best Futsal Team of the Planet. 

With this collaboration Automotive Futsal Academy is officially part of the Movistar Inter’s successful programs  'InterAmigos' and 'InterEscuelas'. A historical union that is  based on two aspects: the sport part and the social responsibility part.

The  agreement was signed and presented at Jorge Garbajosa Pavillion of Torrejón de Ardoz in August 2017.

Movistar Inter was represented by José Carlos Delgado, General Director. The Automotive Futsal Academy was represented by Tarak Mehta, President and coaches Andrea Cristoforetti and Roberto Coccia.

"Our main objective is to give hope to the underprivileged children. The club provides everything necessary so that they can practice our sport in optimal conditions. We follow them in all aspects on and off the Futsal Pitch, ensuring they get an education, and live a healthy life. We want to create the foundation of success to give our players an opportunity to succeed in life. In turn, this agreement with Movistar Inter will allow us to grow in the work methodology of our youth teams", says Mehta.

Delgado highlights that we are facing "a historic and very important agreement because this means penetrating with Movistar Inter in Africa through a serious club with a sports project. This is something unheard of in Spain and European futsal. The agreement will have two fundamental parts: contribute talent to their academy structure and, most importantly, the social and humanitarian one".

For Automotive Futsal Academy head coach Andrea Cristoforetti  “has been a pleasure meeting up again with my friend and former coach Jesus Velasco and  it is very important for us, from a technical and tactical point of view, to have support and guidance from such a club. The interchange of coaches, players and ideas will definitely contribute to our growth.”

The agreement was officially announced in a historic year for both institutions. Movistar Inter begins the season of its 40th anniversary, while the Automotive Futsal Academy is celebrating its 10th year of existence.


Andrea Cristoforetti, José Carlos Delgado, Tarak Mehta and Roberto Coccia


The Jorge Garbajosa Pavillion of Torrejón de Ardoz


Our management team with the Inter Movistar 1st Team


Jesús Velasco at the official opening of the Automotive Futsal Arena


Jesús Velasco with the AE 1st Team